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July 13th, 2015

Watering is essential to maintain the health and beauty of of your lawn. But when is the best time to water your lawn? And how frequently should you do it? The Sprinkler Contractors of the Palm Beaches are here to give you a few pointers for watering your lawn the correct way.

The Basics of Watering:

  • Lawns should be watered heavily on an infrequent basis.
  • Your lawn needs a minimum of 1 – 1 ½” of water per week all year round.
  • Lawns need more watering during the hotter months of the year.
  • The type of soil makes a difference for watering times.

Best Time to Water

The best time to set your lawn irrigation system in use irrigation system is for the morning, specifically between the times of 6 and 10 a.m. There’s less wind, less hot sun, and your lawn has a full day to dry. Watering in the afternoon – during the hottest part of the day – will often make your lawn lose up to a third of the water because it will evaporate too quickly. And while watering at night may seem like a good idea, it is actually an invitation for various diseases and pests to infest your lawn.

Best Frequency to Water

Lawns are healthiest when they are watered deeply and infrequently, rather than every day a week. When you water daily, your grass won’t develop a deep root system, and the system will dry out faster and weaken. An average of 2 -3 times per week, between 15 – 30 minutes is the ideal time frame. Of course, the type of soil will also play a role in the amount of water you will need to use.

Instead of dragging out the sprinkler before your busy morning commute, consider contacting the Sprinkler Contractors of the Palm Beaches. You’ll save money, time and effort with a new lawn irrigation system installed by one of our professionals. Our experts know the perfect time schedule to ensure your lawn remains healthy and strong year-round.

April 18th, 2013

For many Florida homeowners in West Palm Beach, having the convenience of an automated irrigation system is a cost-effective and time saving solution for maintaining an attractive and healthy yard. However, an aging system or one that is not properly maintained can create harmful impact to your lawn, causing your water bill to skyrocket.

While some irrigation problems can be easily fixed by a homeowner, it’s often wiser (and easier) to seek a professional to help maintain the integrity of your sprinkler system. While the DIY approach cuts down on the expense of fixing your sprinkler system, issues dealing with electrical components or a lot of digging are extremely labor intensive, and if not treated with care, can potentially lead to injury.

Listed below are three instances that mean it’s probably time to give your local sprinkler contractor in West Palm Beach a call:

Valve leaks – Eventually, the seals in the piping of your system become worn with time. If water continues to flow from a sprinkler head long after the system has been off, the cause is more than likely a leak in the valve. Be on the lookout for moss or algae growth on the sidewalk or standing puddles of water near the lowest portion of your lawn as an additional sign of a valve leak. Professional contractors have the knowledge and expertise to deal with the electrical/water components of a compromised valve.

Broken Pipes – This problem is often harder to detect than most, especially if the pipe is located under plant material or bark. These covered areas may appear washed away, or a small hole may form where water is accumulating. You may also hear a hissing sound, indicating a leak. The complicated aspect of replacing a pipe is ensuring that soil does not enter the sprinkler system, as it can clog and damage the sprinkler heads. Coupled with an excessive amount of digging and the need for some specialty tools, this job is best left to a professional.

Design problems – Whether you are modifying the landscape of your yard, or there was an initial flaw in design with your previous contractor, it is best to seek out a professional to help accommodate the necessary changes to your automatic irrigation system. From repositioning the location to adjusting the length of the sprinklers, a reputable contractor will prevent any blockage caused by plant life and ensure that your yard is completely covered when watered.

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